Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 29, 2021 October 26, 2021

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") explains how information about You is collected, used, and disclosed by Your access or use of this Site or otherwise as a result of Your interactions with Us. By visiting this Site directly or through another site, You accept the terms and conditions of this Policy. Noodles bot ("Noodles bot", "Bot") is the Discord portion of our service. The website ("Site", "Website", or "Dashboard") is the website. Noodles or "We" (Noodles bot and the Site) value your privacy.

What data do we collect

By using the Bot or the Website you understand that we can collect the following data:

This data is necessary for the functioning of the Bot or Dashboard, so by using them you agree for Us to collect this data

Data deletion and privacy concerns

You can request the deletion of your data by opening a ticket in our discord server Here
If you have any questions or conncerns regarding the Policy, feel free to contact us on Discord


In this Site, we use cookies to keep you logged in during your 24 hour session, after that the cookie will expire and you will have to login again

How we use this data

No one is allowed access to user data except the owner French Noodles#6046 , this Policy will be updated if anyone else was granted access.
This information collected is used to allocate certain information in our database to its respective owner, thus the Bot can keep track of what data belongs to which user, Here are a few examples:

Opting out of message content tracking

Noodles bot does not store your message content off platform, and will only read it if you use a Noodles command that requires message content access or if your message was starred using the Noodles Starboard system (If it was enabled) But if you still wish to opt out of that, you can do that by opening a ticket in our discord server Here Just keep in mind, a lof of the functionality of the bot might be gone/not function correctly after doing this

Updates to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is subject to change, if we ever update the Policy, you will be made aware of the change, The Site will be updated, and the change will be announced in our Discord Server. If you ever need any help or have any concerns, feel free to contact us