Noodles bot

Spice up your server with the awesome Noodles bot, with tons of features to make sure your server is always fun and as active as possible, Invite the bot by clicking the "Invite me" button!

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Why use Noodles bot?


Other than fun, Noodles also wants your server to be safe, thus it has lots of commands you can use to protect and moderate your server!


Want chat to be active? look no further! Noodles also offers a leveling system where members can compete to be the most active users of your server!


Like reddit, you can "upvote" discord messages with the star emoji and it will be posted in a certain channel where people get to view the most popular messages in your server!


Noodles has a big economy system where you can earn money with tons of ways, from solving puzzles to being active in chat or robbing others, you can always have your fun and compete to be on the leaderboard with the Noodles economy system


Drops are a Noodles bot feature made to make your server active, we have complex algorithm that knows when a chat is active and rewards users accordingly, you can always turn it off if you want as noodles is fully customizable


Noodles has a vast array of commands you can use to create memes or even get random ones off reddit, have your fun!


Noodles also has a ticket system you can use to help your members get support or at least just private chat with admins, after the ticket is closed you can even get a link to a transcript so nothing is lost!


Music is always fun, alone or with a group, thats why Noodles offers a music system where you can either type the name of the music or just send a youtube link and Noodles will deal with the rest!


Change the bot's prefix per server for your liking, as the bot is very customizable!

Custom commands

Tags are our take on custom commands, you can create tags that respond with certain text and while setting up the tag you can make it do stuff like mention the user using the tag and other stuff to make it more customizable


Noodles bot has an easy setup process to get you up and running with the welcoming system that is fully customizable to suit your own server

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